Vinder, Shayliss

Helps family in the Sandpoint General Store


Trueborn daughter of Solsta Vinder; known for having an intense personality; often sneaks up behind customers at the General Store

She was surly and sullen during the Swallowtail Festival archery contest. Her mother, Ven Vinder, sent her off to fetch more pies after Revy won one. She ditched the event entirely.

The day after the attack, she approached Revy and asked for him to come with her alone. When he insisted that his friends come along, she told him to forget it and stormed off. The party followed her back to the General Store and distracted Ven long enough for Magna to sneak upstairs and ask Shayliss what her problem was. Shayliss confessed that she believed Ven had killed her father, and she wanted Revy to commune with him to provide evidence. Magna convinced Shayliss that Ixecalus would be more suited to the task, and she acquiesced on his behalf.

The party purchased a scroll of speak with dead from an acolyte at the Sandpoint Cathedral and hid behind grave markers while Ixecalus and Revy helped Shayliss with the ritual. They warned her that the price of this knowledge may cost her her mother, because if Ven was found guilty, she would likely be put to death. Shayliss insisted that she needed to know the truth. They used the scroll, and her father’s spirit revealed that he had been killed by the legendary Sandpoint Devil.

Shayliss broke down into tears—partially out of guilt, partially out of relief. Her surliness dissipated, and she promised she would attempt to make amends with her mother. Ixecalus also encouraged her to continue with her sorcerous studies, as she had conjured light to show off to him.

Before the party set off for Thistletop, Ixecalus asked Shayliss to join him on the beach. He imparted knowledge about the arcane arts to her, and he asked how serious she was to pursue magical studies. Satisfied with her answer, Ixecalus struck a deal between Ameiko Kaijitsu, who had just inherited the family fortune, and the still uncertain Ven Vinder. Ameiko agreed to serve as Shayliss’s patron, if Ven would allow her daughter to attend a magic academy in nearby Magnimar.

Vinder, Shayliss

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